Contribute to The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter

The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter would like to hear from you if –

  • you have special knowledge or experience on an aspect of copyright law
  • you are able to express yourself in writing in plain English
  • you want to publish a short article (1200-1500 words) in a print and electronic quarterly on copyright law

Please contact us if you are interested and let us know what you want to write about.

We are interested in all topics and including:

  • U.S. Higher Education Opportunity Act (copyright provisions)
  • Incidental uses of copyright-protected materials (e.g., a painting in the background of a photo;  music in a news clip)
  • Copyright issues relating to social networking
  • Negotiation and arbitration as a tool to resolve copyright and licensing disputes
  • International aspects of copyright and licensing
  • Jurisdictional issues of copyright and licensing
  • What happens to copyright-protected works and licenses for e-content in the case of a bankruptcy
  • Various aspects of copyright management and compliance
  • Liability insurance coverage for copyright infringement
  • Who is liability in a copyright infringement suit?
  • Copyright protection of jokes
  • Digital rights management and copyright

We are looking for articles on U.S. and Canadian copyright issues, international copyright, and articles that compare copyright in different countries.

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