Seize the Teachable Copyright Training Moment

WIPO World Intellectual Property Day

You are in the company lunchroom and overhear a conversation about the development of your company’s website. Seize the moment and ask about setting up a copyright resource section on the website. Offer to help ensure the legal use of copyright protected materials on this new website. Below are other ways you can provide copyright training in the moment.

The Teachable Copyright Training Moment

1.   Survey colleagues to find out how they use copyright protected materials or what types of information or questions they have about copyright. Perhaps even put a poll or survey on your intranet. Share the results so that communication about copyright is on-going.

2.   Develop a contest for staff or the public to research, and provide answers to, a variety of copyright questions. Provide prizes for the most correct answers.

3.   Arrange for the showing of the 2013 Best Documentary Academy Award winning film Looking for Sugar Man. Discuss the copyright and royalty issues relating to musicians that are raised in the film.

WIPO World Intellectual Property Day

4.   Be part of a worldwide celebration of intellectual property. Plan and organize a celebration of copyright on 26 April 2013 for World Intellectual Property Day. Provide attendees with copyright bookmarks, posters or other takeaways so they have ongoing reminders about copyright law.

5.   If your company has a social committee, offer to assist with musical licensing arrangements for the next event.

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