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2011 marks the 16th year of publication of the LEH-Letter:Copyright, New Media Law & E-Commerce News.  This e-letter began as a simple way to keep my clients informed about copyright revision and cases and quickly grew to over 2,000 subscribers.  Its audience continues to grow and it is also often posted on discussion lists, blogs and websites. This e-letter, from 1996 to the present, is archived with Library & Archives Canada.

Since its inception in 1996, the amount of sources for copyright and related news and information has greatly expanded as has the media from blogs to news feeds to Twitter.  In fact, Copyrightlaws.com blog was launched in 2010 and provides regular postings, and a new Twitter account @Copyrightlaws.com will be gaining momentum in 2011.  I would like to determine where the LEH-Letter fits into your reading and what you would like us to provide for you.  Why do you read the LEH-Letter and what content interests you?  News?  Legal cases?  Seminars?  Publications?  Please email me your comments.

For more in-depth copyright coverage, see The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter (entering its 15th year of publication in 2011.) This Newsletter is available in print and electronically, readable on phones, computers and electronic reading devices. U.S., Canadian and international readers appreciate the plain language discussion of copyright compliance and management with practical advice.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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