International Copyright Law from a Management Perspective

Your “international copyright” radar needs to go on whenever you are:

  • posting content on a website or blog or Intranet that will be accessed outside of your own country
  • using content from outside of your own country
  • negotiating a digital license with a vendor/publisher/content owner who is based outside your own country
  • distributing content beyond your own country’s borders

In sum, you need to be aware of the copyright laws in your own country and those in other countries in most digital situations and in many non-digital situations.  Click here to test your international copyright knowledge.

An online course beginning 3 May 2011 deals with international copyright and licensing issues.  The course is relevant to those who live and work around the world. Discussions, examples and case scenarios in the course will be customized towards those who register in the course and the countries in which they are based.  See CCM 300 Copyright Principles in a Global Information Society.

Topics covered include:

  • the meaning of “international” copyright law in the librarian context
  • practical aspects of applying international copyright to your uses of content
  • key treaties and agreements in international copyright law (i.e., Berne, UCC, free trade agreements, etc.)
  • why and how international treaties affect the use of content in your library, and your digital license agreements
  • international copyright organizations that may of help to librarians
  • comparison of copyright laws in different countries and how to apply that comparison when using content in your enterprise
  • national treatment (i.e., which country’s copyright laws apply to the use of content in your enterprise)
  • an introduction to the leading copyright convention, the Berne Copyright Convention (what is protected in other countries, and for how long, what exceptions exist in other countries, what kind of protection or rights exist around the world)
  • digital copyright issues from the international perspective (an introduction to the WIPO digital copyright treaties)
  • copyright issues and the worldwide distribution of content, and the exploitation of rights around the world
  • obtaining global permissions for the use of copyright-protected material
  • the future of international copyright law

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