Happy World Intellectual Property Day!

26 April is World Intellectual Property Day

Each year on 26 April the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) celebrates and encourages everyone around the world to celebrate World Intellectual Property Day. It is a day to promote discussion of the role of intellectual property – and in our case, copyright – in encouraging innovation and creativity. We looked back in the Copyrightlaws.com site to see how we celebrated in previous years. In 2014, when the theme was “Movies – A Global Passion.” we asked select people to share a statement to shout out to the world about copyright law. Below are statements we have received. What are you doing this year on 26 April to share awareness about copyright and other intellectual property law areas?

I’d like to tell the world about copyright…

World IP Day is a wonderful way to acknowledge and celebrate the tremendous contribution that the creative industries make to our cultural heritage and development, from large-scale Hollywood productions to iconic works of visual art by individual creators.  This year’s theme of Movies- A Global Passion, allows us to recognize the many screen writers, directors, producers, performers and behind the scenes technicians, who make the films we enjoy so magical. – Karyn Temple Claggett, Associate Register of Copyrights and Director of Policy and International Affairs, United States Copyright Office, Library of Congress

Intellectual property lies at the very foundation of the current digital evolution–an evolution which has empowered and inspired so many to make a lasting impact on our societies. A core understanding of intellectual property and copyright issues is critical to continued innovation and success in our global economy. –  Janice R. Lachance, CEO, Special Libraries Association

The use of video and film content is an exciting way to convey ideas, generate enthusiasm and draw attention to a businesses’ products and services. Copyright licensing enables employees to easily share this content while respecting copyright. – Tracey Armstrong, President and CEO, Copyright Clearance Centre

Intellectual Property is the lifeblood of ingenuity and creativity that is the foundation of the digital economy. – Ken Wasch, President, Software and Information Industry Association

Copyright is an always-evolving framework of legal guidance empowering people and organizations to connect, collaborate and innovate. – Montrese Hamilton, Librarian, Society for Human Resource Management

Remember that publicly accessible is not the same as “public domain” or “free to use.” – Barbara Ingrassia, Certified Copyright Manager

Copyright is more than the symbol; it’s the guardian of creative expression and a defender of culture and innovation. To create, innovate and progress we must foster an environment that advances the protection of copyright and all intellectual property. – Kellye-Rae Fisher, Attorney-at law Jamaica, Intellectual Property LLM Student at the George Washington University

The vitality of U.S. copyright law springs from its periodic rebalancing of power between copyright holders and the public.  Two key weights on the public’s side are the idea-expression dichotomy and fair use.  In a time of globalized intellectual commerce, TPMs (Technological Protection Measures) allow copyright holders to physically prevent the public free access to ideas or fair use of expressions inside digitized property.  If U.S. copyright is to remain a lively evolving means for serving the public good, today there’s a critical need for rebalancing. – Arthur W. Campbell, Professor of Law, California Western School of Law

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