Happy Copyright Day! An Opportunity to Educate

Copyright Day In Your Organization

This post encourages you to implement a day at your workplace that is dedicated to copyright awareness and education. Copyright awareness and education can mean different things for different organizations. A exhibit of copyright works or a workshop are examples of things you can do to make people in your workplace aware of copyright issues. See our eTutorial, Raising Copyright Literacy to Lower Copyright Risks – lots of great ideas and an online brainstorming idea to get your copyright awareness and training in high gear.

Copyright Awareness Day

Raising copyright awareness and copyright educationBirthdays, religious holidays, statutory holidays – so many events take place on an annual basis.  Have you ever considered implementing a Copyright Day in your organization?  This would be your day to stop and think about copyright issues, debate various perspectives, and educate about what the copyright law says.

Each year on April 26th, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) promotes World Intellectual Property Day. April 26 is a day to highlight creativity and innovation in all of our lives.  WIPO has press releases, posters, bookmarks and special publications to help you celebrate this day.

It’s never too early to start planning your Copyright Day. Think about your audience, the copyright materials created in your organization, the content you use and how you share copyright-protected content. Then brainstorm with others on your copyright priorities, and start planning your big day.

Many governments and organizations promote and have appropriate activities on World Intellectual Property Day. It’s a great day for you to raise copyright awareness and educate fellow employees and even the public about copyright issues.in your organization. set out above.

Raising Copyright Literacy to Lower Copyright Risks is an online course full of ideas and practical advice on how to raise awareness and teach others in your organization about copyright law and how it applies to them. See our eTutorial, Raising Copyright Literacy to Lower Copyright Risks.

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