Global Copyright Compliance Tips

International copyright laws and copyright education

Managing Global Copyright Compliance

Global copyright compliance is important to all of us, whether using content from another country, or whether our company has offices and/or employees in different countries. It’s always important to know the copyright law of our own country and how global or international copyright law works.

Managing copyright issues often means managing global copyright issues. Below are 7 tips relating to managing your global copyright situations.

  1. Most online uses of copyright-protected content = a global copyright compliance issue.
  2. Copyright treaties ensure that countries share common minimums in the protection in content and how we legally use content.
  3. Each country has a unique copyright law so always consult your own country’s copyright law.
  4. Just because content is in the public domain in one country does not mean that it is in the public domain in all countries.
  5. One-hundred-and-seventy-three countries that belong to the Berne Convention do not require a copyright symbol, ©, for content to be protected by copyright.
  6. These same 173 countries automatically provide copyright protection in each other’s countries without any registration or other formalities.
  7. If you are involved with creating, using and distributing content in another country than your own, take the time to understand both the laws and the “copyright culture” in that country. Industry practices based on those laws will vary from country to country.

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