Do you have an international copyright issue?

A global copyright issue arises in a variety of situations. You have to think globally if any of the following apply to you:

  • An employee accesses your licensed databases while traveling out of the country
  • You are negotiating a digital license with a vendor/publisher/content owner who is based outside your own country
  • Librarians from more than one country (for e.g., South Africa, Australia, Canada and the U.S.) join a journal club and share articles through the club (post articles to a private online space)
  • Two colleagues contribute research papers from authors from several countries which they share via Sharepoint
  • You post a photograph on your Facebook page
  • Your organization has locations or employees in more than one country
  • You are teaching an online course with students from more than one country
  • You are posting content on a website or intranet that will be accessed outside your own country
  • You are using content from outside your own country
  • You are determining whether fair use or fair dealing may be a defense to the use of online content
Do you have further situations to share?  Please post them below.


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