Demystifying Copyright: How To Educate Your Staff and Community

In an interview in July 2011 with ARSTechnic, Maria Pallante, new Register of Copyrights for the Library of Congress, commented on the need for copyright education:

It’s one of those life skills now, right? When you graduate from high school or college, you should know how to read a map, you should know how to use GPS, you should know a little bit about copyright. If you are somebody who is going to be in a field where you will encounter copyrighted materials all the time, you should know more. If you’re going to be an artist or musician and you’re getting a red-hot degree in the performing arts, you should know a lot. And I don’t think that’s quite the case—I don’t think it’s been built into curricula.”

On 12 September 2011, the e-course Demystifying Copyright: How to Educate Your Staff and Community will be offered through ALA Editions over a four-week period with opportunities to post to online discussion boards, complete weekly assignments and activities and have individual questions discussed.

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