CopyRIGHT Pathfinder on Global Copyright Issues

Global Copyright

Our fifth CopyRIGHT Pathfinder, this one on Global Copyright Issues, joins our collection of unique Pathfinders in our online Copyright Community.  Designed as an efficient and effective tool to help you research answers to your copyright needs, our Pathfinders highlight important global copyright resources and organizations, and links to relevant, vetted sources.

International Copyright, Fair Use, Orphan Works + Licensing Digital Content

Electronic subscribers to The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter are automatically members of our exclusive online Copyright Community as part of your yearly subscription.  Our Pathfinders (new in 2013) are one of many resources available in the Copyright Community to help you manage your copyright and licensing.  Other 2013 CopyRIGHT Pathfinders cover fair use and dealing, copyright and licensing for librarians, orphan works, and licensing digital content.

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