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Becoming a Copyright Leader

What does it take to become an effective copyright leader? Education, education, education. Introducing the Copyright Leadership Certificate, an all online program that allows an accessible and flexible way to gain information, apply that information to real fact scenarios, and network with other copyright professionals. Designed to allow you to study at your own pace on your own time while at the same time feel part of a community of those responsible for managing copyright issues in your organization. The class is open 24/7 and is designed for professionals balancing work and private life.

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Purpose of the Copyright Leadership Certificate

The aim of the Copyright Leadership Certificate is to provide librarians, information professionals and others with comprehensive and practical information on a wide range of copyright, permissions and licensing topics including global copyright law, social media and digital copyright issues, use of third-party copyright-protected materials, digital license agreements, managing content and copyright compliance, and issues for content creators and publishers.

Lots of opportunities during the optional virtual classroom meetings and in the moderated discussion blog to explore the issues and take the fundamental information from the 5 required eTutorials up to the next level. The reference materials and resources for use after you earn your Certificate and the practical Tools will provide you with what you need to manage copyright in your enterprise.

Designed and taught by Lesley Ellen Harris, an author of 9 books on copyright law and licensing, and copyright educator. Lesley developed and taught the Special Libraries Association (SLA) Certificate in Copyright Management for nine years.

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Copyright Courses

The Copyright Leadership Certificate program includes 5 eTutorials. They are:
U.S. Copyright Law is a primer and refresher on U.S. copyright law.
Practical International Copyright provides a practical view of international copyright issues including giving and obtaining permission when dealing with foreign countries and online works.
Legally Using Images sets out critical information on using third party content, how copyright permissions work, risk management actions and best practices for legally using images. The information in this eTutorial is applicable to the use of all content and not just images.
Digital Copyright Management teaches you legal, strategic and practical implications of using, publishing and re-distributing online and licensed digital content.
Managing Copyright Issues provides a step-by-step guide to managing the legal use of all types of copyright-protected works and lower your risks of copyright infringement.

Who should enroll?

The program is designed for global students to learn copyright fundamentals, apply that knowledge to real situations including their own copyright situations, and network with other copyright professionals.

What participants say about our Certificate programs:

“Thank you for offering this Certificate program. Today’s lesson has prompted me to draft a document/resource/table of frequently asked questions with a ‘scripted’ response plus links and references to substantiate that response. It should make my life a bit easier and could be accessed by others when I am not available.”

“The Certificate program and each eTutorial is logical and linear, and the e-lessons are easily (and enjoyably) read and retained. The most value I expect to get is with the overall legality of copyright and how best to develop a personal risk/copyright management plan as it pertains to my photography. For my work, I can see how it has already benefited the School Division as we are reworking our Copyright protocols, policies, and most importantly our Professional Development and communications for our students, educators, and support staff.”

“The Certificate program is fantastic. Beyond fantastic. I can’t recommend this program enough. It’s validating in that it reviews and supports the bits of copyright law that I’ve gleaned in doing this thing called ‘visual research’. It’s a great compilation of a lot of things that come up in our emails/facebook…I wish I had taken this course 15 years ago when I started. I wish I had taken this course anytime within the last 15 years. I feel like it’s making me a better researcher, and more confident in knowing the law behind our research scenarios.”

Canadians, we have a unique version of the Copyright Leadership Certificate for you. Click here to see the Certificate in Canadian Copyright Law.


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