Copyright Laws Management Online Course

Whereas proactive management of copyright issues is key to copyright compliance, active involvement in students learning about copyright is equally important. With that in mind, I am preparing my “non-lecture” for the upcoming online course, Intro to Copyright Management: Principles & Issues, as an interactive-think for yourself-start planning your copyright management, session. I am beginning with three common scenarios which should engage the students and get them thinking about why they need to manage copyright. We will look at situations where a nonlawyer (often a librarian) answers the day-to-day copyright questions, and discuss why, what, when and how to manage copyright.

This course will help the student think about his role in copyright through the courses in the Certificate in Copyright Management program which has 6 required online courses and 2 in-person courses. In addition to the interactive web sessions, there will be a discussion list and each student will begin her own checklist for copyright management and compliance taking into account domestic and global copyright, digital, library and author/publisher perspectives, and spreading the copyright message. You do NOT need to be in the Certificate program to take this or any of the courses. Each course in the Certificate program is a “stand-alone” course – pick a course or two which interests you!

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