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Certificate in Copyright Management Returns for a 6th Year!

Copyright education can take many forms – from on the job training to law school to practical short online and in-person courses.  In the latter vein, the  7 online courses and 2 in-person courses leading to a Certificate in Copyright Management are now scheduled for 2012-2013.  Participants may enroll in one or several courses or the whole program.  Below is a list of courses with updates for this 6th year of the Certificate in Copyright Management program. Schedule and Curriculum Outline.

Updates for 2012-2013:

Intro to Copyright Management (CCM 100)

  • thoroughly revised and updated. This intro course to get you started in dealing with managing your copyright issues has been expanded from a 2 week to a 3 week course with new content dealing with copyright terminology, global v. domestic copyright issues, understanding copyright in the bigger context of intellectual property, and reading and understanding news relating to copyright court cases, studies and legislation.

Global Copyright (CCM 300)

  • one of the biggest changes regarding this course is that it will now be offered at the beginning of the Certificate program. So many uses of content are now global (e.g., online uses), and copyright law in each country derives from international norms and treaties, that it makes sense to understand the global picture before delving into domestic copyright law particulars.

U.S. Copyright (CCM 200)

  • an old standard.  Much of the content remains the same in this course however recent court cases will be added to the curriculum.

Canadian Copyright (CCM 201)

  • a required course for any participants based in Canada however many non-Canadians also enroll in this course.  2012 has been an exceptional year in Canadian copyright with Copyright Act amendments (which took 15 years) and Supreme Court decisions.  Even if you have taken this course before, you may want to join us again.

Digital Content and Social Media Copyright (CCM 400)

  • the content of this content is ever-evolving. Last year Pinterest became a new topic of discussion. We will wait to see what new in the digital world will be included in this course.  Always a topical course.

Library and Special Library Copyright (CCM 500)

  • another standard course, with the addition of discussion of hot off the press court cases.

Copyright Principles for Authors and Publishers (CCM 800)

  • With its initial offering only in 2012, this course continues to evolve as we see new issues arise in e-publishing

Teaching Others About Copyright (CCM 700) + Copyright Compliance and Management (CCM 800)

  • our only in-person courses will be held in San Diego in 2013. These hands-on courses provide practical guidance to participants who take home both a copyright management plan/blueprint and a draft project on copyright education.  With the interactive nature of these courses, they are tailored each year to the needs of our participants. Plus stay tuned to hear about the excellent guest speakers who will join us.

Have You Already Participated in a Copyright Course?

Another big change for the 2012-2013 Certificate is that past participants who want to benefit from a review or update on any of the courses may repeat a course at half price!

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