Copyright education – who is the audience?

Thanks to Certificate in Copyright Management program student Lora Baiocco for sharing a photo of her cat Alex reviewing the Copyright Act.

Who enrolls in copyright education courses in the Certificate in Copyright Management?

In a recent offering of courses in the Certificate in the Copyright Management program, there was a acquisition/serials librarian, resource manager and copyright advisor, editor, library manager, senior information specialist, corporate librarian, contract catalog library, information literacy librarian, “newly minted” librarian, consultant, manager of document delivery operations, director of a resource center, publisher, copyright librarian, copyright compliance officer, educator, director of library and archive services, reference librarian, technical librarian, and a solo librarian, and more!  All are welcome.

Our course attendees and Certificate Graduates work in an asset management company, legislative library, for-profit university, academic library, engineering firm, pharmaceutical company, law firm, scholarly publishing, association, law society, research organization, newsletter publishing, financial services, healthcare, nonprofit educational institution, museum, archive, public library, oil and gas company, and more!

Goals of students include:

  • learn as much as possible about copyright
  • better answer copyright questions
  • gain confidence in copyright matters
  • learn to teach/train others about copyright and licensing
  • provide consistent copyright information
  • develop a copyright policy
  • refresh, improve, update and deepen understanding of copyright
  • plan and implement best copyright practises
  • gain comfort in dealing with gray areas
  • copyright compliance
  • mitigating copyright risk
  • networking with others who work in copyright
  • conduct a copyright audit
  • produce a checklist for digital licensing agreements
  • learn about the role of copyright collectives
  • understand global copyright issues
  • legal use of digital content

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