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lesley ellen harrisCopyright Education and Awareness

Lesley Ellen Harris taught her first online copyright course to nonlawyers in 2002 and has been focussing on online teaching to librarians and other non lawyers ever since. She began teaching copyright online by converting two of her copyright books into online courses, partnered with national library organizations, and continues to teach librarians, information professionals and other nonlawyers in the U.S., Canada, and around the world.

Lesley has recently developed’s Copyright Leadership Certificate. It will first be offered in 2017. This copyright certificate program is designed for those interested in learning essential copyright principles, and how to manage copyright and licensing issues while minimizing copyright infringement risks. The program is accessible and flexible, designed for busy professionals, and teaching copyright and licensing fundamentals and how to apply that information to everyday situations.

Copyright Education AudienceHow to create a copyright policy

Although Lesley teaches online courses with for all who want to comply with copyright law, the majority of students are librarians and in related fields. Here is a partial list of those who may benefit from the new Certificate program and the titles of those who Lesley has taught:

  • acquisition/serials librarian
  • resource manager
  • copyright advisor, editor
  • library manager
  • senior information specialist
  • corporate librarian
  • contract catalog library
  • information literacy librarian
  • “newly minted” librarian
  • consultant
  • manager of document delivery operations
  • director of a resource center
  • editor
  • publisher
  • copyright librarian
  • copyright compliance officer
  • educator
  • director of library and archive services
  • reference librarian,
  • technical librarian

Copyright Education Industries course attendees work in a large variety of for and nonprofit enterprises including an asset management company, legislative library, university, academic library, engineering firm, pharmaceutical company, law firm, scholarly publishing, association, law society, research organization, newsletter publishing, financial services, healthcare, nonprofit educational institution, museum, archive, public library, oil and gas company, and more!

Copyright Education Goalscopyright leadership

Our students share many common goals, primarily to lead the copyright compliance efforts in their enterprises. The goals in their copyright education and awareness include the following:

  • learn as much as possible about copyright
  • better answer copyright questions
  • gain confidence in copyright matters
  • learn to teach/train others about copyright and licensing
  • provide consistent copyright information
  • develop a copyright policy, guidelines, FAQs or other copyright compliance document
  • refresh, improve, update and deepen understanding of copyright
  • plan and implement best copyright practises
  • gain comfort in dealing with gray areas in copyright law
  • copyright compliance
  • mitigate copyright risk
  • network with others who work in copyright
  • conduct a copyright audit
  • produce a checklist for digital licensing agreements
  • learn about the role of copyright collectives
  • understand global copyright issues
  • ensure legal use of digital content

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