Copyright Day – WIPO sets 26 April 2013 as World Intellectual Property Day

The theme for this year’s World Intellectual Property Day is Creativity: The Next Generation. And what could be more appropriate as the born digital generation leads us into the future.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) asks, “what is the future beyond the future?” With this theme in mind, WIPO suggests many, many activities to spread the copyright message from staging a play to running an essay competition to mounting exhibits in shopping malls. If your job entails teaching others about copyright, this is a great opportunity to part of world efforts for this purpose.

This year’s WIPO IP Day website has individual and group efforts and social media sharing opportunities. Don’t miss a chance to be on the WIPO IP world map ( was on this map in 2012!)

5 Copyright Eduction Ideas to Implement Today

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