Copyright Courses in Certificate in Copyright Management Program

The nine copyright courses in the Certificate in Copyright Management Program offered through Special Libraries Association (SLA) and Lesley Ellen Harris of are offered throughout the year. Listen to webinar recording explaining the courses and certificate program.

There are three different types of courses: self study; webinar-based and in-person. You may take the courses in any order. If you complete 8 of the 9 courses within a 24-month period, you will obtain a Certificate in Copyright Management. The Canadian Copyright Essentials course is only mandatory for those living in Canada.

Purpose of the Certificate in Copyright Management Program

The aim of the Certificate in Copyright Management program is to provide librarians, information professionals and others with comprehensive and practical information on a wide range of copyright, permissions and licensing topics including global copyright law, social media and digital copyright issues, use of copyright-protected materials, digital license agreements, managing content and copyright compliance, and issues for content creators and publishers.

2015 is the eighth year of the Certificate in Copyright Management program.

Copyright questions and answers

Learn copyright law in plain English

Copyright Courses

The nine copyright courses are set out below. Click for copyright course descriptions and registration. Click to be kept informed about upcoming copyright courses.

  • Copyright Management Roles for Librarians and Info Pros
    • Available as a webinar-based course beginning 16 January 2015
  • U.S. Copyright Essential
  • Canadian Copyright Essentials
  • Global Copyright Essentials
    • Available as a self study course in March 2015
  • Copyright Solutions for the Digital Age
    • Webinar-based course beginning 10 February 2015
  • Copyright Law for Librarians and Info Pros
  • Best Practices for Copyright Compliance
    • In-person course on 12 June 2015 in Boston
  • Copyright Literacy in Your Organization
    • In-person course on 13 June 2015 in Boston
  • Copyright Essentials for Content Creation and Distribution

What people say about the CCM copyright courses:

Considering the complexity of the topic, I am amazed I learned as much as I did.

I did learn things that I did not know while taking this course.  All the information was presented in a very informative, understandable manner.

I feel so much more confident about copyright than I did prior to taking the courses.

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