Digital Content Management online course syllabus

Digital Content Management (“DCM”)
Advanced Course

1. Understanding digital content
Copyright Law
2. The interplay between copyright law and digital content
3. Specific digital copyright Issues
4. The relevancy of international copyright law
5. Technology and licensed content
Licensing Issues
6. What are digital rights or electronic rights?
7. How to license digital content
8. Learning to negotiate licenses
9. Licensing content: specific clauses
10. Licensing content: standard clauses
11. Developing a written licensing strategy policy
Legally Using Licensed Content
12. Monitoring legal and illegal uses of licensed digital content
13. What to do if you are accused of infringing copyright
14. How to avoid copyright infringements by your enterprise and end users
Advanced Management Issues
15. Organizing your digital content
16. Planning for the future of digital content

Course includes a discussion blog moderated by Lesley Ellen Harris,
Next offering: April 20 – May 22, 2009
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    Nothing scheduled right now. However, if you have a group of people interested, we can schedule it for your group. Please look at our other courses and check our schedule for current offerings.

  2. Tina Richardson says:

    Will this course ever be offered again?

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