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Are you the go-to copyright person in your library or organization?

Do you need direction and support in managing copyright issues, and lowering your copyright infringement risks?’s Copyright Leadership Certificate may be the answer for lowering your copyright risks and avoiding expensive and time consuming legal hassles.

By participating in’s Copyright Leadership Certificate, you will be able to:

  • Describe U.S. copyright law principles
  • Explain global copyright law on a practical level
  • Know when and how to obtain copyright permission
  • Provide quick answers about copyright law and licensing content
  • Develop best practices for lowering copyright risks

This certificate program is designed for those at all organizational levels who want to gain a better understanding of domestic and global copyright law and apply that knowledge on a day-to-day basis to the use of copyright materials.

The Copyright Leadership Certificate is a great, well-paced overview of copyright law, with material to continue to study on my own and to continue to use as reference in the future. The e-mail format of the lessons worked great. The self-grading quizzes in each lesson helped me focus on what I failed to learn/understand and need to relearn. I will use the fair use tool and many of the charts and guides provided. I found the class list had great potential for network contacts as well, should I have questions in the future and may want to reach out. Thanks to the Certificate, I am now able to respond with more confidence to copyright questions and know when to seek further advice from legal. The Certificate was definitely worth the price and I recommend it to others.- Jane E. Matthews, Cook Research, Inc., June 2017

The Copyright Leadership Certificate exceeded my expectations. I did not expect the course to cover as much material as it did. I will be applying a number of changes throughout the rest of year due to what I learned in the Certificate program, mostly to our copyright guidelines. I would absolutely recommend this program to others. – Irina Burns, Academy of Management, July 2017

We will work with you to:

  • Develop your breadth of knowledge of copyright issues
  • Lower your risk of copyright infringement
  • Increase your knowledge on when and how to obtain copyright permissions; and
  • Provide an online forum for you to network with other copyright professionals

Gain the confidence you need to lead copyright issues in your organization!

Next Session opens September 5, 2017; you can obtain your Copyright Leadership Certificate as early as December 15, 2017.

Registration in’s Copyright Leadership Certificate includes:

  • Five eTutorials on U.S. and global copyright law
  • Access to a private discussion blog moderated by Lesley Ellen Harris
  • Exclusive tools to help you apply copyright law in your enterprise
  • Online networking with other copyright professionals
  • Reference materials and resources for use after you earn your certificate
  • A framed Certificate of Completion (for those who achieve 80% or higher on our final quiz)
  • A public listing of the certificate holders on

“I must say that I really love these lessons. So clearly written and just when I thought I understood how something worked, enlightenment happens. I like that they’re flexibly written so you can handle them one-off, as my workload is a jealous mistress.” – Cindy Alfieri, Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Copyright education and awarenessCopyright eTutorials Included:

  • U.S. Copyright Law is both a primer and refresher on U.S. copyright law.
  • Practical International Copyright provides a practical view of international copyright issues including giving and obtaining permission when dealing with foreign countries and online works.
  • Legally Using Images sets out essential information on using third party content, how permissions work, risk management tips and best practices for legally using images. This eTutorial is applicable to the use of all content and not just images.
  • Digital Copyright Issues teaches you legal, strategic and practical implications of using, publishing and re-distributing online and licensed digital content.
  • Minimizing Copyright Risks and Organizing Copyright Issues in Your Workplace is an overview of managing the legal use of all types of copyright-protected works.


What participants say about our Certificate programs:
“Thank you for offering this Certificate program. Today’s lesson has prompted me to draft a document/resource/table of frequently asked questions with a ‘scripted’ response plus links and references to substantiate that response. It should make my life a bit easier and could be accessed by others when I am not available.”
“The Certificate program and each eTutorial is logical and linear, and the e-lessons are easily (and enjoyably) read and retained. The most value I expect to get is with the overall legality of copyright and how best to develop a personal risk/copyright management plan as it pertains to my photography. For my work, I can see how it has already benefited the School Division as we are reworking our Copyright protocols, policies, and most importantly our Professional Development and communications for our students, educators, and support staff.”
“The Certificate program is fantastic. Beyond fantastic. I can’t recommend this program enough. It’s validating in that it reviews and supports the bits of copyright law that I’ve gleaned in doing this thing called ‘visual research’. It’s a great compilation of a lot of things that come up in our emails/facebook…I wish I had taken this course 15 years ago when I started. I wish I had taken this course anytime within the last 15 years. I feel like it’s making me a better researcher, and more confident in knowing the law behind our research scenarios.”

Courses on Canadian copyright law


Canadians – offers a similar program tailored specifically to Canadian copyright issues. Click here for further information about the Certificate in Canadian Copyright Law.



  1. Editor says:

    Hi Barbara, thanks for your interest. It begins after Labor Day weekend. Information on pricing is here.

  2. When will the program for the 2017-2018 academic year begin? What is the cost?

  3. Editor says:

    Hi Erika, the program sets out the fundamentals on domestic and global copyright protection and using third-party content. There are plenty of opportunities as well to ask your specific questions through our private discussion blog and virtual classroom meetings. I hope you’ll join us!

  4. Erika says:

    Would this course cover an illustrator using photographs as reference sources & how to avoid conflict with copyright? I’m an aspiring coloring book artist & am worried about selling my drawings that are based on photos from books and other easily available sources.

  5. Editor says:

    Hi SuzAnn, the Copyright Leadership Certificate program is an all online program, taught through 5 eTutorials, a private discussion blog and virtual classroom meetings.

  6. SuzAnn Summers says:

    How is this different from the Certificate in Copyright Management?

  7. Editor says:

    Hi Brenda, it is not mandatory to attend the open house. Read the description about the Copyright Leadership Certificate then ask us any questions you may have. Then register at

  8. I would like to take this course but I cannot attend the open house on January 12 due to previous commitments.

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