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Although it seems like only recently found a home on the Internet, this URL and site have been in existence since 1998.

To date, these posts have elicited the most comments:

Copyright Qs & As: Permission to Use Copyright Materials (203 comments)

Legally Using Images (203 comments)

Copyright Qs & As: Infringement of Copyright (64 comments)

Copyright Qs & As: Museum/Archives Issues (44 comments)

Copyright Qs & As: Digital Copyright Issues (43 comments)

Some of our favorite 2012 posts are:

A Copyright Law Chant from the U.S. Copyright Office Information Section

Stealing and Sampling in the Grocery Store…and in Copyright Law

Understanding Copyright – A Life Skill (published in WIPO Magazine)

Do you have an international copyright issue?

Canadian Copyright Laws being amended by Bill C-11 – Latest News

Copyright Education

In 2013, we hope to blog more and tweet more and educate even more about copyright law and digital licensing issues. Thank you for letting us be part of your copyright community. Let us know what content interests you – let’s keep the copyright conversation vibrant! Please comment below.

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