Syllabus for Managing Copyright Issues

Managing Copyright Issues (“MCI”) is a 16 e-lesson course with a moderated private discussion blog during the duration of the course.

1. Why manage your copyright issues?

General Management Issues

2. Centralizing copyright
3. Understanding copyright principles
4. Copyright in the global context
5. Copyright law and digital media
6. Valuing copyright

Using Copyright-Protected Materials

7. Permissions procedures
8. Copyright risk management


9. Negotiating permissions and licenses
10. Your licensing policy

Protecting Copyrights

11. Auditing your copyright assets
12. Protecting copyright works

Advanced Management Issues

13. Other legal issues
14. Developing your written copyright policy
15. Ongoing copyright education
16. Managing copyright checklist

Comments from a 2009 MCI graduate:

The e-lessons in Managing Copyright Issues were very clear and easy
to understand—despite the complexity of the issues. I would
definitely recommend this course to others.

Jody Gripp
Tacoma Public Library
Washington State, US

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