Background on first began offering online courses in 2002 — Digital Licensing Online — based on the book by Lesley Ellen Harris, Licensing Digital Content (ALA Editions,

By the end of 2007, more than 6,000 people had enrolled in one or more of our 8 courses (listed below) and are now Alumni.

Our courses are taught directly through and also in conjunction with the American Library Association, Special Library Association, OCLC, Palinet, Solinet, FedLink, NFais, Access Copyright, Registered Graphic Designers, and Association of Canadian Publishers.

Beside each course name, I have included the year in which the course was first offered. Each year, each course is updated to reflect changes in law and technology.

2002 – Digital Licensing for Libraries
2002 – Canadian Copyright Law
2004 – U.S. Copyright Law
2004 – Managing Copyright Issues
2005 – Digital Content Management
2005 – Practical International Copyright Law
2007 – Developing a Copyright Policy
2008 – Copyright Education
2009 – Copyright Law for Canadian Librarians (first offering ever: April 20, 2009)

If you need assistance selecting your next course, or have a suggestion for a new course, please email me (seminars at


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