Librarians and Other Non-Lawyers as Copyright Managers

Copyright law is complicated – even for lawyers – and even for copyright lawyers who deal with copyright issues on a daily basis.  Yet because of the application of the law in a broad variety of sectors, individuals with no legal backgrounds must learn about copyright law to protect their own works, negotiate permissions for others to use their content, interpret licenses for the use of online content, work within a regime governed by copyright law, and generally manage a variety of copyright issues.


Visual artists, writers, photographers and filmmakers are all in professions where their income is based on copyright law.  Educators, librarians, archivists and other information professionals are involved in daily activities which must be undertaken within the confines of copyright law.  With the Internet, often all of these non-lawyers must understand international copyright treaties and foreign copyright laws as well as the copyright laws in their own countries – at least on a practical level.

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