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  1. Lesley says:

    Hi Dianna, re 1., that is an issue that your organization must decide on a case by case basis and for which you may wish to form a written policy for consistency of applying the same “rules.” Re 2., I would ask the provider about its licenses and make sure there is a warranty in our contract of service stating that the provider is providing legal copies.

  2. In regard to the UK ruling and links, I have a lot of questions around this:
    1. If a think tank or nonprofit/quasi-governmental agency provides RSS feeds with no rules or posted restrictions such as “personal use only,” is it fair to post that feed to a research website internally to an org? How about linking to the site itself?
    2. If an organization is receiving article headlines and abstracts from a media service, whether a listening platform or a media or clipping service, how does one ensure that the provider of the platform or service is carrying the appropriate licenses (text mining licenses to get the content in to their own system for one; distribution license for another; and last, advice to client company that they need to have a license to receive if needed).

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