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Copyright notice and copyright symbol

Copyright notice and copyright symbol

For all new content you create and publish this year, your copyright notice will include 2016 as the year of first publication. The notice looks like this:

© Jane Doe 2016

 Year in Copyright Notice

The general rule is that the year to include in a copyright notice is the year of first publication of the work. First publication is when the work is made available to the public without restriction.  This includes selling a book or leaving free copies of it in a public place or posting content on your blog. Publication does not include, for example, circulating copies internally to co-workers. For compilations or derivative works which incorporate previously published content, use the year of first publication of the compilation or derivative work.

New versions or editions of works should contain the publication date of the new version or edition. For constantly evolving websites and blogs that contain works published over several years, the notice may include a range of years (e.g., 2009-2013), starting from the date of the oldest published elements and ending with the date of the newest published elements.

A Copyright Notice is Educational

Keep in mind that a copyright notice is not mandatory in the U.S. or Canada or in most countries. Its purpose is to educate others or to remind others that copyright exists in your work and to respect that copyright. Including a copyright notice on your website or blog may help diminish the myth that all online content is free.

Questions About Copyright Notices

Question: If I wrote a book starting in 2011, finished in 2012, and published it in 2013, what year do I include in my copyright notice?

Answer: Use the date of first publication which in this case is 2013.

Question: Do you change the years stated on your blog and website?

Answer: Use the earliest date of publication. For example, if you first published on your blog in 2012, when you amend the blog content or add to it, continue to use the 2012 date or use a range of dates such as 2012-2016.

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