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Misconceptions about Licensing Electronic Content

Misconceptions About Licensing Electronic Content In this post, you’ll gain a greater understanding about myths and misconceptions concerning┬álicensing electronic content. Licensing electronic content is a skill that is acquired over time and a first step in learning how to negotiate […]

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Questions on Licensing Digital Content

Questions on Licensing Digital Content This post sets out commonly asked questions about licensing digital content. The answers to these licensing questions will help librarians and others who negotiate

Copyright Laws Primer: Licenses versus Assignments

Differentiating Licenses and Assignments In simple terms, licenses and assignments are two ways to use content or authorize others to use your content. These are both terms used when

What Canadian Librarians Need to Know About Foreign Copyright

Canadian Librarians and Global Copyright This post explains what Canadian librarians need to know about Canadian and global copyright law in order to manage the use of content in

Licensing Digital Content Book Arrives

I've been blogging so long now that I find posts that I now call retro! I am currently working on the 3rd edition of my book, Licensing Digital

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