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Do You Have an International Copyright Issue?

What is an International Copyright Issue? So many copyright issues that appear as national copyright issues are international copyright issues as well. Understanding your own country’s copyright laws is most important but understanding how copyright treaties and international copyright law […]

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8 Steps to Copyright Compliance

This post sets out 8 things you can do for copyright compliance. All organizations and businesses need to carefully monitor how they protect content their employees create and how they

Copyright Leadership Certificate Open House Slides

Thank you for your interest in the Copyright Leadership Certificate! Below are the slides from our January 2017 Virtual Open House. Before you leave, please subscribe for free

Copyright Education – Who is the Audience?

Copyright Education and Awareness Lesley Ellen Harris taught her first online copyright course to nonlawyers in 2002 and has been focussing on online teaching to librarians and other non

Test Your Copyright Knowledge

Test your copyright knowledge: General Copyright Principles The purpose of this quiz is to test your knowledge on general copyright law principles. Whether you work in a library

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