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Copyright education

Digital Copyright Issues + Global Copyright Online Courses

Copyright Compliance Copyright compliance is an on-going effort with many facets. Education is one of those facets. Educating yourself about copyright and licensing law as well as educating those around you is all part of a copyright compliance plan. March […]

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Copyright Newsletter

Rights Management Info, First Sale Doctrine, Scrapers of UGC and Free Legal Advice

Snippets from issue 4, 2013 volume of The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter: Editorial: Rights Management Information Identifying a copyright owner can be a difficult step in the process of

Lesley Ellen Harris

Using Online Content – Do You Need Permission?

CKNW Radio's Jon McComb interviewed Lesley Ellen Harris on the copyright protection of online content from images to music to crafts. What's protected and what's not? When do

Copyright Newsletter

Fair Use in Patent Applications, Jamaican Copyright Laws, Linking and Framing

Snippets from issue 2, 2013 volume of The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter: On 16 May 2013 and the first hearing in this process— “A Case Study for Consensus

Food Bloggers of Canada Conference

#FBC2013 Food Bloggers of Canada + Copyright

So what do copyright lawyers do on weekends? (This is not the beginning of a joke.) I spent the past weekend at a food blogger’s conference. Was I

Cloud Storage

Storing Content in the Cloud: Copyright Law Issues

Copyright + Storing Content in the Cloud Are you storing content in the cloud? What, if any, copyright issues should you be concerned about? Cloud computing is still in its

Copyright tweets

2000th Tweet on Twitter @Copyrightlaws

Copyright Laws and Twitter Today I will share my 2000th tweet on Twitter @Copyrightlaws. Sharing tips, education, news and events in 140 characters or less has been a lot of

Spring 2013 Copyright Courses

Spring Training in Copyright Laws: Digital, Libraries, Authors + Publishers

  Various opportunities to learn about copyright law in an online environment are scheduled in April + May. 10 - 29 April: Library and Special Library Copyright Issues 1 - 31


Digital Content and Social Media Copyright Law Issues

Login. Digital Content and Social Media Copyright Law Issues is the name of an online course beginning 18 March 2013 (ending 8 April 2013.) There are 3 webinars which are

google images

Copyright Law + Using Images and Photos from Google

How many times have you used Google and found the perfect image or photograph? As tempting as it is to copy and paste that image and perhaps even

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