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Copyright Qs & As: Infringement of Copyright

8.1 Question: My organization’s Web site has several photographs on it. We were recently asked to remove a photograph with the claim that we did not have permission to post it. However, we have a written agreement with the photographer […]

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Copyright Qs & As: Fair Use/Dealing and Limitations on Copyright

Limitations on copyright may mean an exception for a non-profit library in which the library may use specific copyright material in a specific way without asking permission or

Copyright Qs & As: Rights Protected by Copyright

5.1 Question: My organization publishes a print newsletter for circulation to our clients. We have been publishing this newsletter for 10 years. The articles

Copyright Qs & As: Ownership of Copyright Materials/Content

3.1 Question: Who owns the copyright to the text and illustrations/photographs in a published book? Answer: There is no straightforward answer. Ownership depends upon the

Copyright Qs & As: Types of Works Protected by Copyright

2.1 Question: I am writing a book on copyright law for laypeople. I am not a lawyer and am getting much of my research is

Copyright Qs & As: Copyright Management and Copyright Compliance

16.0 Question: What is a copyright policy? Answer: A Copyright Policy is a written document that sets out copyright information, specifically how it applies to the

Copyright Qs & As: Digital Copyright Issues

10.1 Question: Do you need permission to provide a hyper link in a Web site to a page in another Web site? Answer: There is no Canadian or U.S.

Copyright Qs & As: Limitations on Rights

6.1 Question: Can employees who receive publications (newsletters, magazines, etc.) through their professional memberships/organizations, copy those articles for distribution to fellow employees if the copying is for

Copyright Qs & As: Duration of Copyright Protection

4.1 Question: Is there a simple way to determine duration of a copyright work in the U.S.? Answer: The duration of copyright protection in the U.S. is more complicated

Copyright Qs & As: Canadian Copyright Questions

Last updated: 27 February 2013 12.1 Question: What is happening with the amendment of the copyright law in Canada? Answer: The Canadian Copyright Act was most recently amended in 2012.

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