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Is There Such a Thing as a Quick Copyright Question?

I have a quick copyright question… Can we share an article in a licensed database with consultants attending a meeting on our premises? We are going to publication right away and I need to know if we can include excerpts […]

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E-Book Publishing Copyright Issues

With the many advantages of electronic self-publishing over traditional book publishing, and an expanding market for the consumption of e-books, many authors, publishers and organizations are already and

Course held at U.S. Copyright Office in 2012 + 2013

Although it seems like only recently found a home on the Internet, this URL and site have been in existence since 1998. To date, these posts have elicited

Copyright Laws Newsletter on your iPad or Other Digital Reader

Individuals may now subscribe at a reduced rate to The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter for reading on your computer, digital tablet or phone. Priced for personal

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Do You Have A Copyright Question?

Do you have a copyright question? can assist: 1. Click here. 2. Choose one of the fifteen headings that is most relevant to your question. 3. Browse through the answers

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