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Course held at U.S. Copyright Office in 2012 + 2013

Although it seems like only recently found a home on the Internet, this URL and site have been in existence since 1998. To date, these posts have elicited the most comments: Copyright Qs & As: Permission to Use Copyright […]

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Individuals may now subscribe at a reduced rate to The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter for reading on your computer, digital tablet or phone. Priced for personal

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Do You Have A Copyright Question?

Do you have a copyright question? can assist: 1. Click here. 2. Choose one of the fifteen headings that is most relevant to your question. 3. Browse through the answers

Copyright Qs & As: International Copyright Issues

11.1 Question: If I live in a country where the duration of copyright is life+50 (as in Canada), rather than life+70 (as in the U.S. and

Copyright Qs & As: Permission to Use Copyright Materials

9.1 Question: My organization is developing a course on work habits to be used for internal purposes only for all of our employees. We are gathering articles from

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