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Copyright Qs & As: Rights Protected by Copyright

5.1 Question: My organization publishes a print newsletter for circulation to our clients. We have been publishing this newsletter for 10 years. The articles are written by freelance writers. Five years ago, we instituted our first written agreements with these […]

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Copyright Qs & As: Types of Works Protected by Copyright

2.1 Question: I am writing a book on copyright law for laypeople. I am not a lawyer and am getting much of my research is

Copyright Qs & As: Ownership of Copyright Materials/Content

3.1 Question: Who owns the copyright to the text and illustrations/photographs in a published book? Answer: There is no straightforward answer. Ownership depends upon the

Copyright Qs & As: Copyright Management and Copyright Compliance

16.0 Question: What is a copyright policy? Answer: A Copyright Policy is a written document that sets out copyright information, specifically how it applies to the

Copyright Qs & As: Digital Copyright Issues

10.1 Question: Do you need permission to provide a hyper link in a Web site to a page in another Web site? Answer: There is no Canadian or U.S.

Copyright Qs & As: Limitations on Rights

6.1 Question: Can employees who receive publications (newsletters, magazines, etc.) through their professional memberships/organizations, copy those articles for distribution to fellow employees if the copying is for

Copyright Qs & As: Duration of Copyright Protection

4.1 Question: Is there a simple way to determine duration of a copyright work in the U.S.? Answer: The duration of copyright protection in the U.S. is more complicated

Copyright Qs & As: Canadian Copyright Questions

Last updated: 27 February 2013 12.1 Question: What is happening with the amendment of the copyright law in Canada? Answer: The Canadian Copyright Act was most recently amended in 2012.

Copyright Qs & As: License Agreements

7.1 Question: My organization has been offered a license agreement for a database. We want to license the database but cannot use it as we

Copyright Qs & As: Museum/Archives Issues

Do you have a question related to your museum or archive? A question about a sculpture or painting, rights and reproductions, exhibition marketing, in-house and visitor education?

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