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Copyright Education That Invites Participation + Cooperation

Copyright education comes in many forms. It could be an online course or even a certificate program or a lunch time chat or a webinar. Different formats for training work for different kinds of learners. Participation in the learning process […]

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Excuses for Not Obtaining Copyright Permission

Complying with copyright law takes copyright education, consistent application of the law and a person to guide others in your library or business towards doing the right thing

Copyright risk management as key to copyright compliance – a short checklist

Learning to manage one's copyright risks is never easy. Below are six steps you can take to manage your day-to-day copyright issues. Copyright literacy awareness and education are

Are You the Go-To Copyright Person?

Many times I hear my students say they've become the “go-to” person at work for copyright issues, regardless of whether they're librarians, library directors, information managers or architects,

What U.S. Librarians Need to Know About Foreign Copyright

U.S. librarians must know about national copyright laws as well as international copyright laws and licensing issues. While librarians are not always trained in their university education about

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