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10 Things U.S. Librarians Must Know About Copyright Law

Here you will read 10 essential things U.S. librarians and information professionals must know about U.S. and international copyright law. Copyright compliance is often the domain of librarians and information professionals and understanding U.S. and international copyright law principles will help […]

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Raising Copyright Literacy to Lower Copyright Risks Online Course

Register for the eTutorial Raising Copyright Literacy to Lower Copyright Risks, 23 October to 10 November 2017  Raising Copyright Literacy to Lower Copyright Risks (RCL) is a nine-lesson eTutorial that demystifies how

U.S. Copyright Law Online Course

Register for the next offering of U.S. Copyright Law eTutorial, September 11 to 26, 2017 U.S. Copyright Law eTutorial is a 10 e-lesson eTutorial that demystifies U.S. copyright law. Each

Copyright Issues When Publishing Newsletters and Magazines

This post discusses the copyright issues businesses and organizations must deal with when publishing newsletters and magazines. The copyright education provided here will help your business avoid legal

Copyright Literacy and Translating Copyright to a Life Skill

What is Copyright Literacy? Literacy is defined as competence or knowledge in a specific area. Copyright literacy is more specific; it refers to important competencies and knowledge that include

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