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Copyright Literacy and Translating Copyright to a Life Skill

What is Copyright Literacy? Literacy is defined as competence or knowledge in a specific area. Copyright literacy is more specific; it refers to important competencies and knowledge that include identifying copyright-protected materials, navigating fair use and fair dealing, obtaining permissions […]

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What Is The Public Domain?

"How do I know if something is in the public domain?" Public domain is a frequently used term in copyright parlance, yet it isn't defined in copyright statutes.

Are You the Go-To Copyright Person?

Many times I hear my students say they've become the “go-to” person at work for copyright issues, regardless of whether they're librarians, library directors, information managers or architects,

The International Copyright Symbol

Copyright Law Basics: The International Copyright Symbol In this post, you'll get a greater understanding for the purpose and benefits of using the international copyright symbol. Using the international

6 Essential Tips for Legally Using Images

Legally Using Images In this post, you will learn essential tips for legally using images which will minimize your copyright risks and lower your risks of copyright infringement. This

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