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Pi(e) Is Not Protected By Copyright Laws

Pi(e) Is Not Protected By Copyright Laws This post celebrates Pi Day by examining the copyright protection of numbers and, of course, pie. Copyright protects creations that are fixed in some form and does not protect ideas and concepts. Copyright […]

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Copyright Notice Year

Year to Use in Your Copyright Notice This post explains the year to include when using the international copyright symbol on your content. Although the copyright symbol is not mandatory

Copyright Law Myths and Facts: Test your Copyright Knowledge

Try this quiz to see if you can distinguish between copyright law myths and facts. The answers are below so you can quickly determine your score. Copyright myths

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Posts and Articles by Lesley Ellen Harris Here you will find links to copyright articles written by Lesley Ellen Harris for various audiences including librarians, businesses, rights holders, and


BIO - Lesley Ellen Harris Lesley Ellen Harris, JD, is a copyright consultant, published author and copyright blogger. She is an expert in navigating today’s modern world when it comes

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