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Copyright and Food Bloggers

Food bloggers have a number of issues to be concerned about when it comes to copyright law, from protecting their own content, to legally using the content of others. Here are the Copyright Slides from the Food Bloggers of Canada conference where Lesley Ellen Harris spoke to food bloggers with tips on how to deal with their specific copyright law issues.

Tips from Lesley Ellen Harris’ presentation for food bloggers fall into two categories: staying legal and protecting your content. In both cases, it’s important to understand copyright and how it applies to you.

Staying legal:

1. If the content isn’t yours, don’t use it blindly.

2. If in doubt, get permission.

3. Read your licenses and understand the terms and conditions of use.

4. Remove illegal images and other content from your blog.

Protecting your content:

1. Always use a copyright notice.

2. Register your works with the Canadian Copyright Office.

3. Monitor uses of your work.

4. Enforce your rights (but not all the time.)


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Copyright issues and food blogging

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