Developing A Digital Licensing Strategy

The digital revolution has resulted in a shift in the ways that libraries, archives and museums buy, store and provide access to electronic resources. Many institutions are developing digital licensing strategies that provide guidelines and procedures for staff members to perform their jobs effectively while still providing easy access to their e-resources by patrons. Lesley Ellen Harris was recently interviewed by the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) on this topic.  The following questions were asked:

1.     How does a museum begin to develop its licensing strategy?

2.     Is Web 2.0 and social networking an important aspect of a museum’s licensing strategy?

3.     What are resources that may assist in writing a licensing strategy?

Although the questions originated from a museum perspective, the answers given to each question can be generalized to other institutions that are developing a digital licensing strategy.

The complete interview is available at CHIN’s Professional Exchange in both audio and print format.

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