In Anticipation of a Canadian Copyright Reform Bill in Spring 2010

An article on 27 May 2010 in The National Post states that a copyright reform bill is still being drafted however it will be introduced “within days.”  

An article on 19 May 2010 in the National Post states that the copyright reform bill will be tabled next week.  A CBC news story reiterates this timing for a bill in a 20 May 2010 article that discusses copyright reform and digital copyright ownership from various perspectives.

An article on 18 April 2010 in the National Post states “Heritage Minister James Moore told Canwest News Service the government plans to introduce a new copyright bill this spring.”

A story on 5 May 2010 on CBC covers the unhappiness of consumer groups with the possible bill, despite the fact that the government has not shared what will be covered in the bill.

A  The Globe & Mail piece on 20 May 2010 points out that many form letters in response to last summer’s government copyright consultation process were from one specific group.

In anticipation of a possible copyright reform bill in Canada, various groups are issuing statements outlining their positions on copyright reform.  The Canadian Association of Research Libraries issued a statement reiterating its September 2009 position on copyright reform.  Also representing consumers of copyright-protected materials, CAPPIC published a letter sent to the government with several groups being represented.

If you are interested in a series of 5 briefing notes on the background of copyright reform in Canada, including recent government initiatives, contact us or click here. An additional briefing note will analyze the contents of the bill.

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