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J’adore an author who bases her novels on the life of an intellectual property (IP) lawyer! I recently read two fiction books by author Isabelle Laflèche and if you are reading my blog on copyright law, you’d probably also enjoy these fun reads. They are Jadore New York and Jadore Paris. I enjoyed the books so much, I decided to interview their author and see what inspired her to write about a copyright lawyer.

IP lawyer writes novels about a copyright lawyer

Isabelle Laflèche

Lesley: What inspired you to make your central character an intellectual property lawyer?

Isabelle: Catherine Lambert, my main character, is passionate about the law and fashion so it seemed like the perfect way to blend the two. While doing research for my books, I realized how fascinating a legal area this is and decided to look into it further with the help of international experts. Although I dabbled in IP as a lawyer in the past, I had the opportunity to meet and interview some great legal minds in the field in New York and Paris and this was very inspiring.  I look forward to finding more interesting IP subjects to cover in my next stories!

Lesley: Like me, do you think of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City, when you write your main character, Catherine?

Isabelle: As much as I love Carrie Bradshaw (I mean, who doesn’t?) and Candace Bushnell, the author of the series, I really do try to avoid thinking about Carrie. I wanted to create a character with her own unique charms, ambitions, quirks and style. As an example, Catherine prefers to browse and shop in vintage and flea markets on the weekends, as opposed to sticking to the fancy labels (although she loves them too.)  She’s also European in the way she relates to men and food. She loves to eat and has no qualms about devouring delicious, French food. (including those fancy desserts!)

Lesley: How close are the characters and legal cases in your books Jadore NY and Jadore Paris to your real life experiences in a law firm?

Isabelle: Both novels are works of fiction, but I would say that my first novel, J’adore New York, is more autobiographical and closer to my true experiences as a lawyer. I worked as in-house counsel for a bank, on Wall Street, and in a large law firm, which is Catherine’s work environment in the first book. To my chagrin, I never worked as a lawyer for Christian Dior, although I really would have loved to!

Lesley: Whats your next book about?

Isabelle: My next book takes place in Italy. It addresses the issues of “fast fashion,” sweatshops and poor work conditions in the world of fashion. I was inspired by the sad events that took place in Bangladesh a year or so ago that caused the deaths of thousands of workers. Of course, there is a lighter side to my story, one that involves romance, glamour, divine food and the softest leather…  After all, it takes place in Italy!  I will also be releasing a digital short story for the holidays about another fun IP topic. I’m keeping that as a surprise for now!

Merci to Isabelle – keep writing!

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