Copyright Laws in Canada – Update and Course

Those watching Canadian copyright law developments are encountering a busier than usual season.

  1. Updated:  Bill C-11 on copyright reform was introduced 29 September 2011.  This is the fourth attempt by the Canadian government to amend its copyright laws so that Canada may adhere to the World Intellectual Property Organization digital copyright treaties, and address various digital copyright issues as well as other much discussed copyright issues.
  2. The Supreme Court of Canada will simultaneously hear on December 6 and 7 2011, five copyright cases which are a judicial review of Copyright Board decisions.  The cases relate to the definition of research under fair dealing, the meaning of “to the public” in copyright law, and the scope of fair dealing in relation to educational institutions.
  3. As of the start of the school year, many Canadian universities are clearing individual rights in content for classroom and other teaching-related uses rather than work within the Access Copyright interim tariff for that purpose.

In the upcoming months, we will have much to discuss in the copyright department.  If you are looking for a refresher or primer on Canadian copyright law, the Certificate in Copyright Management has an online course beginning 17 October 2011 to help those at the beginner and intermediate levels of copyright knowledge.  Course includes 3 webinars and a three week long private discussion list on relevant issues.

Topics covered include:

  • background on Canadian copyright law (including copyright law reform in Canada)
  • composition of Canadian copyright law
  • criteria for copyright protection (e.g., originality and fixation)
  • what works are protected
  • how to protect copyright works (e.g., registration and copyright notice requirements)
  • ownership
  • protection of rights
  • copyright protection duration
  • exploitation of rights
  • copyright infringement and remedies
  • differences between Canadian and U.S. copyright law
  • Bill C-11 on copyright reform


  1. Lesley says:

    Please check back here and under Courses above, as well as at for 2012 scheduled courses. It is likely that a Canadian copyright law course will be offered in 2012. Courses are also offered for small groups so if you would like to arrange a small group course, email me!

  2. Carole Calenso-Fair says:

    Will you be offering another course on Canadian Copyright law in the early new year? Sorry I found out about the current one too late to enrol.

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