Copyright in 2013: Cases, Legislation and More

Copyright reform

Instead of reinventing the wheel, this post refers you to various blogs that summed up important copyright happenings in 2013.

The 1709 Blog provides a month-by-month review of global 2013 copyright news. See 2013 – The Copyright Year.

Law professor Mike Madison prepared a summary of cases in the U.S. in 2013 that dealt with the interpretation of fair use in the U.S. Copyright Act. See 2013 in Fair Use.

Register of Copyrights of the U.S. and Director of the U.S. Copyright Office gives a speech that becomes the starting point for review of the U.S. Copyright Act and which she asked Congress to consider the “next great copyright act.” See The Next Great Copyright Act.

A Look Back at Copyright Review in 2013 outlines the U.S. copyright reform process and hearings that began in 2013. Written by Terry Hart and posted on the site of the Copyright Alliance.

Consultant Jonathan Bailey opined on the “big issues” in copyright in 2013. See 7 Copyright Themes that Defined 2013.

Lawyer Barry Sookman analyzed a major 2013 Supreme Court of Canada copyright case which canvasses the scope of the rights of reproduction and authorization, what makes a work original, and how to apply the fair dealing defense. See Robinson v Cinar in the Supreme Court.

Osgoode Hall Professor Giuseppina D’Agostino shared her summary of important copyright and other IP cases and more from 2013. See 2013 IP Year in Review: To Go Where No One Has Gone Before.

Gowlings lawyers Kevin Sartorio and Nicole Zeit provided Copyright Year in Review 2013 which highlights Canadian copyright happenings.

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