Canadian Copyright Reform Bill Introduced 2 June 2010

A Copyright Reform Bill was introduced into the House of Commons today (June 2). Stay abreast of current developments with through a password-protected digital space with access to a range of materials from the history and process of copyright reform in Canada to an analysis of the 2010 reform bill, highlights of the debates, and information on the legislative process — all the information you need to succinctly follow the 2010 Copyright Reform Bill. Subscribe to the digital space and briefing notes.


Briefing Note 1.0:  History of Amendments to the Canadian Copyright Act

Briefing Note 2.0:  Process of Copyright Reform in Canada

Briefing Note 3.0:  International Obligations and Copyright Reform

Briefing Note 4.0: Reform Initiatives in 2009

Briefing Note 5.0: Developing your Perspective on Copyright Reform

Briefing Note 6.0: Overview of Bill C-32, the Copyright Modernization Act

Additional Notes will be prepared on the 2010 Copyright Reform Bill C-32.

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