Canadian Copyright Laws being amended by Bill C-11

Bill C-11, An Act to Amend the Copyright Act in Canada, received second reading in the House of Commons (H of C) on 18 October 2011. Discussions focussed on balance, openness to listening to interest groups, and specific provisions and scenarios covered and not covered by the bill. If you want a quick catch-up on copyright reform in Canada, take a look at 18 October H of C discussions in Hansard.  Also, c-11 was discussed in the H of C on 21 October.  Bill C-11 is the same bill as the Canadian government’s third bill on copyright revision, Bill C-32, which died on the order paper earlier in 2011 when an election was called. (Updated 26 October 2011)

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Wednesday, October 19th, 2011 at 21:05
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