Canadian Copyright Law Fall 2013 Book + Courses

Less than one year ago on 7 November 2012, major amendments to the Canadian Copyright Act came into force. These amendments bring the Act up to date to meet current day needs of creators, users and distributors of content. The amendments are varied and must be read in light of the 1924 Copyright Act (as they are amendments to this Act rather than a replacement of it.) Like all copyright laws and situations, it’s best to be familiar with the entire Act and to understand how the different provisions in the Act relate to one another. And of course it’s great to be proactive and understand copyright law prior to enforcing your rights against someone using your content without permission, or the urgent need to include a copyright-protected image in a publication.

Learn About the Changes to the Canadian Copyright Law

Three opportunities are upcoming this Fall to help explain how Canadian Copyright Law works.

  1. Canadian Copyright Law, Fourth Edition, will be in print and available as an e-book in October 2013.
  2. The popular eTutorial Canadian Copyright Law will be offered again beginning 16 September 2013.
  3. The 3-webinar comprehensive and interactive course on Canadian copyright will be offered again starting 1 October 2013. This course is a credit towards the Certificate in Copyright Management.

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