Blog Posts on Canadian Copyright Law

The site that accompanies the book Canadian Copyright Law, Fourth Edition has a blog that discusses various Canadian and global copyright law issues. Recent posts include the following:

Researching Canadian Copyright Law: Primary Resources. Where does the author, Lesley Ellen Harris, of the book on Canadian Copyright Law go when she needs to research the law – find out in this blog post.

How do Copyright Registration Fees Compare in Canada and the U.S.? U.S. copyright registration fees were raised on May 1, 2014. How do these new rates compare with other countries such as Canada?

“Orphan Works” in Canada – Unlocatable Copyright Owner Licences in 2012-2013. There seems to be much talk about orphan works in the U.S. – well, Canada has a system that works! Take a look at licences issued in the past year.

What is a Copyright Policy or Copyright Guidelines? Do you have a Copyright Compliance Policy or Copyright Guidelines? Is it true to its purpose? And if not, what kind of Policy or Copyright Guidelines would be helpful to you?

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