5 Posts on Canadian Copyright Law

The blog for the book Canadian Copyright Law, Fourth Edition now has its first five blog posts. These posts provide information on recent updates to Canadian copyright law.

The Copyright Symbol in Canadian Copyright Law. This post discusses whether it is mandatory to use the copyright symbol in Canada, the advantages of using the copyright symbol and how to place it on your work.

Creative Commons Canada has a New Site. This post describes the various licenses offered by Creative Commons Canada and how to use them.

How to Obtain Permission to Use Canadian Government Content. This post describes what government works are protected in Canada, when you need permission to use them and how you obtain that permission.

SOCAN, CMRRA and SODRAC Do Not Merge. This post lists Canadian copyright collectives and discusses the recent possible merger between music collectives.

Copyright in the Supreme Court of Canada in December 2013: Cinar v. Robinson. This post sets out highlights from Canada’s most recent supreme court copyright decision.


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