2010 Scheduling of In-Person Courses

In 2009, I taught a number of professional development courses on copyright and licensing to a variety of audiences (from librarians to government workers to photographers) in a variety of cities, including Annapolis (MD), College Station (TX), Lansdowne (VA), Toronto (Ontario), Washington (DC), and Copenhagen (Denmark).

If you would like to schedule an in-person course, or online course specifically for your organization, email me at:
contact at copyrightlaws dot com.

Possible topics for courses, seminars and workshops are:
Copyright Compliance
Managing Copyright Issues
Licensing Electronic Resources
Digital Copyright Issues
Digital Content Management
Developing A Copyright Policy
Educating Others in your Organization about Copyright & Licensing Issues
Primers (for example on U.S., Canadian and international copyright law)
Or let me know what topics you would like covered in your seminar…

Look forward to hearing from you.


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