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Looking to learn more about Canadian Copyright Law? Below are two options for education on Canadian copyright law. The first choice is our Canadian Copyright Law eTutorial and the second choice is the fully online Certificate in Canadian Copyright Law program. offers a variety of online copyright courses — all in plain English — for nonlawyers who manage copyright in their enterprises. Learn more about our eTutorials in the FAQs here.

Canadian Copyright Law eTutorial

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Looking for more in-depth information on Canadian Copyright Law?

Copyright’s Canadian Copyright Law eTutorial is a 16 e-lesson primer/refresher on Canadian copyright law. Each e-lesson provides up-to-date information on the topics listed, setting out fundamentals for that topic and providing links for further reading. See the Syllabus below.

Canadian copyright

Syllabus for Canadian Copyright Law eTutorial

1. Understanding intellectual property
2. History of Canadian copyright law
3. Criteria for copyright protection (e.g., originality, fixation)
4. How to obtain copyright protection
5. How does international copyright protection work?
6. What is protected by copyright?
7. Who owns copyright?
8. The duration of copyright
9. Rights protected by copyright
10. Limitations on rights
11. How may rights be exploited?
12. How is copyright violated?
13. Remedies for the violation of copyright
14. Using copyright-protected materials
15. A comparison of Canadian and U.S. copyright laws
16. Digital copyright and electronic rights

A final 16-question self-marking multiple choice quiz will be e-mailed to participants following the final e-lesson. You will receive a Certificate of Participation at the end of this eTutorial.

Outcomes, Testimonials and Enrolment

After taking this eTutorial you will be able to:

  • Explain Canadian copyright law concepts like how to obtain protection, rights granted to authors and owners, and limitations on those rights
  • Understand how to apply fair dealing to your situations
  • Identify what Canadian copyright law protects and when you need permission to use copyright-protected materials

Comments from participants:

I was expecting a lot of reading in this course [Canadian Copyright Law]; however, the lessons are compact with a lot of information and written for the layperson. — Karen Mah, Head, Information Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Lethbridge, Alberta

The e-mail format of the lessons worked for me as I could do them as I was able within a busy schedule. I may take another eTutorial in the near future. — Carolyn R. Wilker, Freelance Editor/Writer

Who should enrol in this course?

If you need to understand how to legally use content under Canada’s copyright laws or protect content in Canada, then Canadian Copyright Law is the right course for you. If you are looking for more in-depth information, discussions and a network of other copyright professionals, consider the Certificate in Canadian Copyright Law, below. 

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Certificate in Canadian Copyright Law


Courses on Canadian copyright law

Are you the go-to copyright person in your library or organization?

Do you need direction and support in managing copyright issues?

Do you know how to lower your enterprise’s copyright infringement risks?

Consider’s Certificate in Canadian Copyright Law. This program provides a practical review of Canadian and global copyright principles and how to comply with copyright and lower your risks. This program includes five eTutorials, private moderated discussions, exclusive tools for managing copyright, online networking with other copyright professionals, reference materials and more.

By participating in’s Certificate in Canadian Copyright law, you will be able to:

  • Describe Canadian copyright law principles
  • Explain global copyright law on a practical level
  • Know when and how to obtain copyright permission
  • Provide quick answers about copyright law and licensing content
  • Develop best practices for lowering copyright risks

This certificate program is designed for those at all organizational levels who want to gain a better understanding of domestic and global copyright law and apply that knowledge on a day-to-day basis to the use of copyright materials.

We will work with you to:

  • Develop your breadth of knowledge of copyright issues
  • Lower your risk of copyright infringement
  • Increase your knowledge on when and how to obtain copyright permissions
  • Provide an online forum for you to network with other copyright professionals

Gain the confidence you need to lead copyright issues in your organization!

See our list of recent graduates from this copyright leadership program and imagine your name on that list! Here is what some of them say about the Canadian Certificate in Copyright Law.

I loved the Certificate program, it exceeded my expectations. Each tutorial delivered copyright information in an easy-to-understand format and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of information that we received. After the program, my priority is to revise the copyright portion of our contracts. I will also make a copyright adherence policy for staff and begin staff copyright education. The program has been a very valuable experience for me and has made me feel more secure in managing copyright at work. I definitely recommend the Certificate program to others. — Nicole Fletcher, Collections Manager, Winnipeg Art Gallery

The Certificate program has done wonders for me in terms of fueling my confidence in my ability to do the job. I will be pushing for a more centralized approach to copyright administration — most immediately the completion of a long-promised database for managing copyright permissions. — David M.P. Leggett, Library & Copyright Assistant, Northern Lights College

The Certificate program and each eTutorial is logical and linear, and the e-lessons are easily (and enjoyably) read and retained. The most value I expect to get is with the overall legality of copyright and how best to develop a personal risk/copyright management plan as it pertains to my photography. For my work, I can see how it has already benefited the School Division as we are reworking our Copyright protocols, policies, and most importantly our Professional Development and communications for our students, educators, and support staff. — Bradley Hampson, MBA, Assistant Superintendent, Technology, Frontier School Division, Winnipeg

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