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Developing a Copyright Policy

Developing a Copyright Policy or Guidelines In this post you’ll learn why a copyright compliance policy, copyright guidelines and copyright best practices would benefit your library or organization and how to write one. A compliance document such as a copyright policy, […]

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Selecting an Online Copyright Course from

Online Copyright Courses is involved in copyright awareness, education and training. Our job is to demystify copyright law and make you copyright literate. We teach a number of online

International copyright laws and copyright education

Global Copyright Compliance Tips

Managing Global Copyright Compliance Global copyright compliance is important to all of us, whether using content from another country, or whether our company has offices and/or employees in different

Online Learning: Copyright Leadership Certificate

Becoming a Copyright Leader What does it take to become an effective copyright leader? Education, education, education. Introducing the Copyright Leadership Certificate, an all online program that allows an

Introduction to Copyright Management

5 Essential Tips on Copyright Management + Compliance This post sets out five tips to help you answer copyright law questions that arise in your library or organization. Copyright

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