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5 Copyright Education Ideas to Implement Today

How frequently are you sharing the copyright message in your organization? Are you sending a weekly email with recent copyright questions and answers? Are you holding monthly discussion groups on copyright? Or are you waiting for a copyright infringement claim […]

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8 Facts About Canadian Copyright Law

 Happy 150th Birthday Canada! Happy 150th Birthday Canada! Celebrations are throughout the country during 2017. It's also a good time to brush up on important facts about Canadian copyright

Copyright Policy, Guidelines or Best Practices

Do you need a written copyright compliance document such as a copyright policy, guidelines or best practices? It's a great practical step to help your library and/or organization

10 Myths About Canadian Copyright Law

Canadian Copyright Law This post will enlighten you about Canadian copyright law. It sets out myths (and misinformation) with an explanation of the correct fact concerning copyright law in

Syllabus for eTutorial: Developing A Copyright Policy or Guidelines

Join us in our unique eTutorial Developing a Copyright Policy or Guidelines, where you complete a draft Copyright Policy or Guidelines guided by the eight lessons in this hands-on

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