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Canadian Copyright Law Book on the Shelves

Nothing is more exciting for an author than seeing her new book on the shelf in a bookstore! Canadian Copyright Law, Fourth Edition is now available in bookstores and likely soon in your local library. Consider ordering your own copy.

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Excuses for Not Obtaining Copyright Permission

8 Excuses for Not Getting Copyright Permission We have all heard excuses for not obtaining copyright permission prior to using a copyright-protected work. We may even have uttered some

Marrakesh Treaty

3D Printing, Sherlock Holmes, Marrakesh Treaty + Legally Using Content

Snippets from issue 3, 2013 volume of The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter: A “novel” idea: a novel about copyright law.  This particular work of fiction was written by

Copyright Laws

Copyright Law for Librarians

Do libraries have different copyright laws than other institutions or organizations? And are nonprofit and for profit libraries treated differently in the eyes of the copyright law? Where

Small Claims Copyright Infringement

US Copyright Office Publishes Report on Copyright Small Claims

US Copyright Office After two years of study, the U.S. Copyright Office released its report on copyright small claims. The report sets out the high costs and challenges of

8 Facts About Canadian Copyright Law

There are so many interesting facts about Canadian copyright law. This post sets out eight random facts. Copyright Protection is Automatic ONE - It is not mandatory to use a

Canadian copyright

Copyright Law Training: Certificate in Copyright Management

Do you need a copyright guru in your organization? Looking for unbiased and practical copyright information? Are you a nonlawyer managing copyright and licensing issues? The Certificate in Copyright Management program

Canadian Copyright Law Book Covers, Editions 1 – 4

 Canadian Copyright Law     Fourth Edition (2013) Canadian Copyright Law Editions One (1991), Two (1995) and Three

The Purpose of Your Copyright Compliance Policy or Guidelines

Defining the Purpose of Your Copyright Policy or Guidelines More and more organizations are drafting and implementing copyright compliance policies and guidelines. This is not a simple task and


Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons Who Are Blind, Visually Impaired, or Otherwise Print Disabled

International Copyright Law June 2013 marks a milestone in international copyright law and in the role of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) with the finalization of a new

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