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Copyright Law + Using Images and Photos from Google

Have You Found the Perfect Image on Google? How many times have you used Google or another search engine and found the perfect image, illustration or photograph? As tempting as it is to copy and paste that image on your […]

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Pi(e) Is Not Protected By Copyright Laws

Pi(e) Is Not Protected By Copyright Laws This post celebrates Pi Day by examining the copyright protection of numbers and, of course, pie. Copyright protects creations that are fixed

Best Practices to Lower your Copyright Risks

Best Practices to Lower Your Copyright Risks Lowering copyright risks is a goal of every library, organization and business. This post provides tips for identifying your copyright risks when

Copyright Education for Librarians & Information Professionals

Copyright Education for Librarians and Information Professionals This post educates librarians and information professionals with essential facts about copyright law. Librarians and information professionals need to be aware of these

Happy Copyright Day! An Opportunity to Educate

Copyright Day In Your Organization This post encourages you to implement a day at your workplace that is dedicated to copyright awareness and education. Copyright awareness and education can mean different

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