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Checklist – 18 Things to Do to Manage Copyright Laws in 2017

Copyright management is the first steps towards copyright compliance. Here is’s list of actions to help you manage your copyright issues and increase your compliance. Manage and comply! Checklist for Copyright Compliance and Managing Copyright Issues Permissions and Licenses 1. Check […]

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Copyright Notice Year

Year to Use in Your Copyright Notice This post explains the year to include when using the international copyright symbol on your content. Although the copyright symbol is not mandatory

Museums, Copyright and Licensing: Museums both Licensors and Licensees

The Unique Position of Museums vis-a-vis Licensing Digital Content This post discusses how museums own and acquire the rights to license content, and also license the content of others.  It

The Purpose of Your Copyright Compliance Policy or Guidelines

What is the Main Purpose of Your Copyright Compliance Document? A written copyright document such as a copyright policy or guidelines can help guide you when legally using copyright

Copyright Law Myths and Facts: Test your Copyright Knowledge

Try this quiz to see if you can distinguish between copyright law myths and facts. The answers are below so you can quickly determine your score. Copyright myths

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