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10 Myths About Canadian Copyright Law

Does fair use exist in Canada?  Do you have to register a work to be protected by Canadian copyright law?  Does Canada belong to the international treaties on copyright?  Read 10 Myths About Canadian Copyright Law to ensure your knowledge […]

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Copyright Basics

Copyright is, literally, the “right to copy.”  Copyright is comprised of a bundle of rights, including: Reproducing (e.g., photographing, scanning into a computer) Performing in public (e.g., at

Moral Rights in the U.S.

Moral Rights in Works of Visual Art in the U.S. When we refer to copyright law in the U.S., we are generally referring to the economic rights in copyright

6 Essential Tips for Legally Using Images

Legally Using Images Images are the new words. We're all looking for that perfect image to use on our website, in our presentation or in another work document. However,

Copyright Law Myths and Facts: Test your Copyright Knowledge

Test your copyright knowledge with Copyright Quiz 3.0: Copyright Law Myths and Facts. When it comes to copyright law, there is much misinformation.  Test yourself to determine what you

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