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What Is The Public Domain?

Public domain is a frequently used term in copyright parlance, yet it isn’t defined in copyright statutes nor is it always properly understood. Below we provide some insight into when a work is in the public domain and what that […]

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Copyright Facts for Librarians

This post examines key copyright facts for librarians. As gatekeepers to content and information, librarians play a vital role in understanding and helping apply copyright law in their

Copyright Issues in E-Books and Electronic Publishing

This post discusses copyright issues in e-books and electronic publishing. If you're using artwork, tables, map and charts and other third-party content in electronic books, then you should

Copyright Education That Invites Participation + Cooperation

Copyright education comes in many forms. It could be an online course or even a certificate program or a lunch time chat or a webinar. Different formats for

5 Key Copyright Law Concepts for Canadian Museums

Copyright law is an extremely important issue for any Canadian museum, but also an issue that is not always easy-to-understand.  This post reviews 5 key copyright issues that should

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