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Who Owns the Copyright in Selfies?

Who Owns Selfies: Copyright Issues I only recently took my first selfie; it was a liberating experience and I immediately shared it with my children who laughed and asked, “Really, Mom, your first selfie?” And I thought I was being […]

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Copyright Courses in Certificate in Copyright Management Program

The nine copyright courses in the Certificate in Copyright Management Program offered through Special Libraries Association (SLA) and Lesley Ellen Harris of will be offered between September

Librarians and Other Non-Lawyers as Copyright Managers

Copyright law is complicated – even for lawyers – and even for copyright lawyers who deal with copyright issues on a daily basis.  Yet because of the application

“Non-Commercial” and Other Definitions in Licenses

Countless times I have been asked what does “non-commercial” mean?  Is reproducing an article in a university library a non-commercial use?  How about making 50 copies of a

The Legal Protection of Ideas

It is a long standing international copyright law principle that ideas are not protected by copyright law.  What copyright law protects is the expression of these ideas.  The underlying reason

The Balance in Copyright Law

Copyright law, by its nature, is a balancing act evident behind each provision in a country’s copyright statute.  On the one hand, copyright law provides an exclusive bundle

Developing A Copyright Risk Management Plan

Locating a copyright owner can be a daunting and often impossible task.  The Internet has made the task somewhat easier but the problem still remains. You want to

E-Book Publishing Copyright Issues

With the many advantages of electronic self-publishing over traditional book publishing, and an expanding market for the consumption of e-books, many authors, publishers and organizations are already and

We’re Redesigning Our Site

We will have the same great content (and more) but with a different look and organization. It will be easier to navigate and find courses and content to

Syllabus for eTutorial: Canadian Copyright Law

Next offering is over a 4-week period beginning 15 September 2014. Register below via Paypal by clicking on PAY NOW icon.  Contact us. Description of eTutorial on Canadian Copyright

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