2010 Canadian Copyright Reform Briefing Notes Information

Until 31 December 2010, Copyrightlaws.com is providing password-protected access to a range of materials including an analysis of Bill C-32, highlights of the debates, and information on the legislative process, to allow you to easily and quickly follow the developments of the 2010 reform process in real time.  The subscription fee of $299 will provide you with access to all of the Copyrightlaws.com materials on the 2010 Canadian copyright reform initiatives.  Subscribe here.

The materials will provide the facts on how copyright reform works, the history of reform in Canada, recent reform-related initiatives, as well as updates on the current copyright reform bill. This space will provide a succinct analysis of Bill C-32 and the debates and process as this bill goes through the legislative process.

This space is unique because it is “just the facts.” No journalistic point of view, no political perspectives, no particular point of view on copyright. The briefing notes below are intended to keep you up to speed in one private location on Canadian copyright reform. We do not claim to be comprehensive, in fact, our purpose is to weed through the multitude of available information and to provide you with the facts you need to form your own opinions.

Briefing notes:

Briefing Note 1.0: History of Amendments to the Canadian Copyright Act  now available

Briefing Note 2.0: Process of Copyright Reform in Canada now available

Briefing Note 3.0: International Obligations for Copyright Reform now available

Briefing Note 4.0: Reform Initiatives in 2009 now available

Briefing Note 5.0: Developing your Perspective on Copyright Reform

Briefing Note 6.0:  Overview of Bill C-32, the Copyright Modernization Act 2010 now available

Additional notes/information will be provided in this password-protected site to help you follow the developments of the bill.

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